Sponsorship Requests

Phathom participates in select medical and scientific meetings, events, and other relevant initiatives that provide tangible benefits to Phathom.

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  • exhibit space;
  • advertising;
  • event sponsorships;
  • corporate memberships;
  • and other similar opportunities

These efforts are reviewed and managed by our commercial and/or corporate affairs functions. Phathom will purchase Sponsorships at scientific meetings and programs where healthcare professionals gather, often focused on disease states and therapeutic categories aligned with Phathom’s areas of medical and/or scientific interest. Sponsorship requests outside of our areas of interest generally will not be considered.

Sponsorships are typically the provision of funding from Phathom at such meetings in exchange for tangible benefits received by Phathom in return. More information on tangible benefits and examples of eligible initiatives can be found in our FAQs. Click here for FAQs on applying for Sponsorship funding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Requesting a Sponsorship

Please direct all sponsorship requests to Sponsorships@phathompharma.com to be reviewed by our internal team based on potential promotional opportunities afforded to Phathom in connection with the proposal.


A Sponsorship means the provision of funding to an organization in connection with a specific event or activity, in which Phathom receives something tangible (referred to as a tangible benefit) in value in exchange for its financial or in-kind support of the underlying educational meeting or activity. Unlike a Grant, when Phathom sponsors an event or activity: (1) Phathom must receive one or more tangible benefits (e.g., exhibit booths, advertising opportunities, dedicated meeting/agenda items, registrations/tickets to the event, etc.) in return for its sponsorship payment; and (2) Phathom shall exercise full control of the promotional space or advertising opportunity it receives as tangible benefits in connection with its provision of sponsorship funding in accordance with the organizer’s policies and procedures.

A tangible benefit typically takes the form of a promotional or other opportunity afforded to Phathom and includes, but is not limited to exhibit booths, physical or digital advertising space, product theaters, promotional opportunities, meeting registrations, etc.)

Both non-profit, tax-exempt and for-profit medical or research institutions, professional associations, or other qualified entities may receive support for a Sponsorship. Certain restrictions apply based on compliance considerations at Phathom.

Typically, Phathom provides Sponsorships in support of third-party events and meetings that:

  1. have a bona fide educational/scientific purpose related to disease states in which Phathom has an approved product or is actively pursuing clinical research or are related to the practice of medicine or healthcare delivery;
  2. are organized by a for-profit or nonprofit professional organization or society; and
  3. offer different levels of recognition and specific tangible benefits (e.g.; journal/newsletter advertisements, exhibit space, banner advertisements) to Phathom that further the company’s business or policy goals.

Sponsored meetings must meet certain requirements including but not limited to the meeting organizer must maintain full control of planning, content development and implementation of the educational/scientific program of the event without input from Phathom. Any program content must be non-promotional, objective, and balanced and clearly separated from promotional opportunities afforded to sponsoring organizations like Phathom.

No, Phathom does not provide retroactive funding. Funding requests should typically be received at least 60 days prior to the start date of the program or activity to be considered by Phathom.

Required Submission Materials and Communications

  • Sponsorship Flyer/Application or Letter of Request. A flyer or application or letter on the organization’s letterhead providing a description of the Sponsorship opportunity which details the purpose of the event, meeting or other initiative and includes information on available Sponsorship levels and associated tangible benefits afforded to sponsors.
  • Event Agenda (if applicable)
  • Budget including anticipated revenues and expenditures.
  • Additional Materials. Other materials of the event, if applicable, including event brochures, invitations, proposed contractual terms and conditions, etc.
  • W‐9 Form of your organization (if Phathom does not have a current W-9 on file)

All Sponsorship requests should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the activity start date.

All contact is typically made via email to the requestor.

Additional Questions

For additional questions regarding funding requests, contact Phathom directly at Sponsorships@phathompharma.com.